Primary Uses for our single caregiver lift

Gentle Lift reduces the need for more than one caregiver and multiple mobility devices. Our mid-section mobility lift is not limited to the home either. It collapses into a size that is compact and portable for easy transport in a small SUV for wherever you might need it.

Bedroom: Gentle Lift facilitates efficient bed transfers to, or from, an easy chair, wheelchair or the toilet. As compared to other patient transfer solutions, your loved-one will feel more secure and experience less discomfort. And changing bed sheets is fast and easy using our scope stretcher.

Bathroom: Gentle Lift comes standard with a bathroom sling allowing you to place your loved one directly on the toilet. Push the lift up to a vanity or sink so your family member can wash their hands, brush their teeth or put on makeup.

Living/Dining: Adjust the height of the patient lift and push it up to a table or counter to allow the patient to join family meals. Use the Gentle Lift as a gait walker to assist with rehabilitation.

Outside: Use the Gentle Lift to transfer patients in and out of standard-sized vehicles. And take it with you to facilitate transfers out of your vehicle when you arrive at a destination away from home.

Safety Features

Weight limit: Gentle Lift has a weight limit of 400 lbs and will rendered inoperable if a patients weight exceeds this amount.

Manual operation: In case the battery runs low on power while in use, a manual crank is attached to lower or lift the patient as needed.

Obstruction recognition: Gentle Lift automatically stops when it detects an obstruction in its path of descent.

Tilt Sensing: The Gentle lift will disengage and become inoperable when resting on a surface at an angle of greater the 9 degrees.

Rechargeable battery: No need to take battery out for recharging; it can be recharged while in the Gentle Lift. Each charge provides three days of average use.

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Bed to Chair to Table


Bed to vehicle


Bed to vehicle: ramp


Fall recovery: sling


Fall recovery: stretcher


Bed linen change


Bed to gurney


Bed to narrow bathroom


Gait walker