Frequently Asked Questions

Gentle Lift’s Safety Features

What is the advantage of a mid-Section Lift? The patient is seated safely and comfortably in a well sturdy, constructed four point mid-section mounted sling or optional comfort seat. This approach is unique to Gentle Lift.

How many batteries come with the lift? Two, one for use and one spare.

Which of the wheels have locks? All four wheels have locking levers that prevent the wheels from rolling and swiveling.

Must the battery be removed to be charged? One charger is included that allows the battery to be charged while remaining in the Gentle Lift console.

What happens if the battery dies when the patient is in the lift? There is a manual crank that can be used in the event of a low battery power. Instructions for manual use can be found in the user manual. There are also manual overrides for the wheel arms.

Lift Use & Operation

What is Gentle Lifts weight capacity? Our patient lift has a 400 lb weight capacity, including patient, sling and stretcher.

What happens if I try to lift more than the weight limit? Gentle Lift has weight limit recognition mechanism that will render the lift inoperable if the weight limit of 400 lbs is exceeded.

Can one caregiver operate the patient lift? Yes. One caregiver can lift and transport a non-bariatric patient on a hard surface. Transferring and transporting a bariatric patient, especially carpet, will likely require more than one caregiver.

Do the rear wheel arms have to be widened to transport the patient in the lift? When the patient’s torso is located between the lift arm and the sling and/or stretcher are suspended below and between the lift arms.\, the rear wheel arms do not need to be expanded. When the stretcher is crosswise where portions of the patient and stretcher are outside the lift arms, the rear wheel arms should be expanded to their maximum width.

Can the patient be safely transported up or down a ramp in the Gentle-Lift? With four indepenent swivelling wheels, the Gentle-Lift must not be used to transport a patient up or down ramps. The patient must be transferred to a wheelchair to be transported on ramp. The empty lift can follow to be used again at the top or bottom of the ramp.

Can a patient be lifted from the floor and put in a chair or bed? Yes. This can be accomplished using a sling or a stretcher.

What type of sling is supplied with the Gentle Lift medical lift? A toileting sling that supports the patient’s back and legs while keeping the buttocks area open is included with every purchase of the Gentle Lift. Small, medium, large and extra large sling sizes are available.

Size & Weight

How much does Gentle Lift weigh? While its lifting capacity is 400 lbs, Gentle Lift weighs only 98 pounds.

What size doorway can Gentle Lift fit through? With a width of 25.1 inches, our lift fits through most doorways. Standard exterior doors are typically 36 inches wide, while most interior doors are between 28 and 32 inches.

Gentle Lift verticle lifting stroke: 30 inches

Length of Gentle Lift: 41.8 inches with rear wheel arms fully extended in their home position.

Height of Gentle Lift: 31.75 inches from the top of the finger guard on the lift-arms to the floor when the lift arms are lowered to their lowest position.

Rear wheel size and clearance height: 4 inch diameter (100 millimeters) with 5.5 inch clearance height which includes the rear wheel bracket.

Front wheel size: 5 inch (125 millimeter) diameter.

Width between the rear wheel arms: 37 inches when fully extended. 19 inches when fully retracted in their home position.

Gentle Lift folded dimensions:  25.1 inches wide by 35.4 inches long by 14.7 inches high.