Revolutionizing the way you care for loved ones

Why choose Gentle Lift?

Gentle Lift is a SINGLE CAREGIVER solution that will change the way you care for loved ones. It's the new limited mobility device that was designed with both patients and caregivers in mind. Unlike most other patient lifts on the market today, it only takes one caregiver to operate Gentle Lift. Our lift performs the tasks of multiple other transfer devices, all in a manner that is easy, safe and comfortable for your loved one.

design & Construction

safety and quality are our highest prioritIES

Comfort and Stability

Institutional Quality: Gentle Lift is built to last, even with the most rigorous use.

Stability: Designed as a mid-section lift, Gentle Lift offers superior stability and comfort. Because of this mid-section support design innovation (versus a traditional over-head sling) patient transfers can be performed safely.

Ease of Use: Gentle Lift only requires one caregiver to operate. Operator instructions and controls are straightforward and simple to understand, making it easy to begin immediate use.

Versatility: Gentle Lift can replace many transfer devices. The number of required transfers can be reduced because Gentle Lift can transport a patient around the home in comfort, reducing the need for a wheel chair.

Portability: Packing up? Gentle Lift is compact and portable. At a little less than 100 lbs, it can be loaded into standard-sized SUV for use outside of the home, and for transfers into and out of a vehicle.

message From our founder and Ceo

Gentle Lift Founder and CEO, Jack Gunn

Thank you for visiting our Gentle Lift website. In the last 18 months of her life, my mom was not capable of independent mobility and needed a lifting device to leave her bed. Her neuropathy, arthritis and osteoporosis prevented her from walking or even standing on her own.

After researching and trying various devices, I realized that the common existing solutions did not provide comfort and security for her. Recognizing that many others face similar challenges, I began seeking a solution.

Through my introduction to a gifted industrial engineer, who was also working on a solution to this patient handling problem, I discovered the unique concepts that led to the development of the Gentle Lift, a mobility device that is gentler and does more for the user.

I truly hope your loved one will soon discover the new freedom Gentle Lift delivers. It's unlike any other mobility device currently available.